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Hanging Rocks Plantation has been in operation since 1996. A portion of the 3500 acres on which it is located has been in the family for five generations. A large vein of boulder type rocks is located on the property. Over the years, with erosion, many big rocks hang over under which you can walk, thus, for many, many years, they have been known as "The Hanging Rocks". Fittingly, we took the name for our plantation. The rocks are quite a piece of nature and well worth seeing. We have provided an interesting page of writing about the rocks, see the "History of HRP" page. Robert Jenkins, Jr. is the fifth generation of the Hanging Rocks and he is also the manager of the plantation. We are proud of our facility in which we offer guided quail hunts, continental pheasant shoots,guided turkey hunts, trophy deer hunting, dove club and trophy deer club. We have the capability of catering to corporate events, with as large or small as you wish. We provide the entertainment and the food for the event if needed. Check out our website and contact us, we are ready to serve you.


HRP has a large population of wild quail and this truly made our hunt the best I have had in many years.

- Bobby

Hanging Rocks Plantation provided us with top shelf lodging and a fantastic turkey hunt. We will be back!

- Tim

HRP's dedication to QDMA and year around feeding of the highest nutritional deer feed made(Deer Fuel) increases your chances of taking a quality buck.

- Sam

“As a wildlife Biologist, I am constantly searching for ways to increase the food sources on the land that I manage for deer. I can honestly say that I have found the best in Meadows Edge. Vic Lester...Wildlife Biologist B.S. Virginia Tech University Deerfield Plantation Sparta, Georgia

- Vic Lester...Wildlife Biologist

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Meadows Edge Deer Fuel

Hanging Rocks Plantation uses only the BEST deer feed on the market. Take a look at our brochure below for information on Meadows Edge Deer Fuel. Meadows Edge Deer Fuel Brochure